OMG, Don Suggs was my freshman painting instructor at UCLA. Back then I knew nothing (well very little) about art and did some got awful work. Luckily Don was understanding about that. I remember he wanted me to use more brown/neutrals in my work. I hated that idea at that time…I just wanted to make things look happy. According to my friend, it was “Yay” art.

He’s a great guy and a great instructor. He was very hands off (as is most contemporary painting instructors) and let you paint whatever you want. I remember spending my Saturdays in the studio painting all day and crying over how I couldn’t hammer in a stretcher bar. It was his painting class (since it was the only art class I took) that made me fall in love with the practice of art making.

As for Don’s work, I actually never got the chance to see it when he showed it in lecture since I overslept that class (hey it was an 8 in the morning class). I never realized how colorful his stuff is.