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While looking at books in Borders, I ran into Thomy von Kummant’s work which reminds me a lot of those Photoshop illustrations so popular in comic and storyboard art books.

thomy vonkummant


Ari Weinkle is a student at the Rhode Island School of Design and already he’s making a name for himself by having his work published in several design periodicals. He incorporates abstract shapes and colors to create striking illustrations and designs. Very talented indeed!

Ari Weinkle

Right after the CCA Illustration show, there was a talk by Yuko Shimizu about her work. The talk was awesome. Yuko is a great speaker and was hilarious. She showed the audience samples of her early (aka bad work) and the idiosyncrasies of being a Japanese illustrator working in New York. There were several insightful things that she said during her talk:

1) Don’t try to be someone you are not. (On trying to reject her Japanese heritage and trying to paint like an American).

2) Don’t try to copy and be like your illustration heroes. If you do, you will always be 2nd best.

3) Even if you end up working at Starbucks after graduation, you should still work your hardest because you can still learn something from your experience (i.e. develop communications skills and dealing with customers).




Thursday night I went to California College of the Art’s illustration show. It was a cool event with lots of good work (and free food). However, as much as I like the work, I was actually more interested in the school, the students and the overall art school atmosphere in comparison to City College.  Here are some random observations of mine:

1) Poor illustration students like to crowd themselves around the food table. (Which makes sense since I would do the same thing too.) And events like these are excellent ways to get free booze.

2) Illustration students tend to dress more like fine art students. The exception to this were the geeky Asian kids who were into anime and comic books.  This, of course, was in contrast to the design students who dressed more professionally. Illustration students at City College tend to be older adults or young punk rocker kids who look like they came fresh out of high school. Design students tend to dress the same wherever you go.

3) Critiques for an Industrial Design 1 class were held at the nave and right next to the show. I felt sorry for the class since it was loud and people were walking through the class.  No one could hear anything nor were some of the students able to focus. City College doesn’t hold their critiques in the hallways (thank god) but you can still hear the kids who are screaming to their friends in the halls.

4) Students seemed friendly and chattier than City College students. And they seemed more into their work/their peers work.

Lastly, here are some of the artists that were in the show:

Jennifer Poon

jennifer poon

Randy Chavez

Randy Chavez

Caitlin Kuhwald


Theo Aartsma is a graphic designer and illustrator in Holland. His typography definitely experimental and based on contemporary illustration.

Theo Aartsma

After realizing that the library was closed because of SF Love Fest, I went to Borders to get some much needed relaxation from riding the L Muni (aka the love fest party bus).  I noticed this book on the shelf and decided to take a look at it (actually I saw this on Amazon several months ago and wanted to buy it just for the cover alone).  While skimming, I was impressed by the variety of illustrators and styles featured. A worthy buy for illustration students and professionals.

50society of illustrator