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So lately, I’ve been a bad design student. Being sick with the flu, I’ve been doing nothing but lying in bed and watching reruns of Total Drama Action. Hence, I”m somewhat behind all my work and have been playing catch up since then.

One of my assignments that I have been neglecting is a logo that I have to crank out in the next couple of weeks. The logo I have to create is for the Japanese Restaurant Ebisu. So for the past couple of days, I”ve sketched 100 thumbnails, and sadly, 98 of those sketches were utter crap. Thus leaves me with only 3 ideas to work with. So now I”m in the process of turning those thumbnails into roughs and I’m starting to feel better about the project since I feel that I have some direction.


So this is my favorite rough so far. The idea here is that I wanted to give the logo a more contemporary appeal. Hence, I chose a calligraphic script called Harabara Hand which has an elegant yet casual feel. Also, the flow of the letterforms and the thick/thins of the strokes has a small semblance to East Asian calligraphy. In the eye of the letter e, I stuck a dot in there, hoping that people would see the eye as an abstract fish. I’m not 100% sure if it works. Maybe  I need to look for another e?


Ok, since I’m learning about logos in class, it seems that is all I can think about. Hence, for the next couple of weeks, you’ll see nothing but postings about logos.

Anyways, today I found this awesome logo for Black Sparrow Manufacturing designed by Alex Wende. I love how simple and elegant the logo is and how the designer paid careful attention to the curves of the bird and of the type. Apparently, this logo was for a competition at LogoSauce and apparently Alex’s design didn’t win because it was a little too clean for the brand. What a pity. Instead, Black Sparrow chose a more classic logo with a modern serif typeface.

Black Sparrow_Alex Wende

Today in my Intro to Graphic Design class, we talked about symbols, signs and logos. It was interesting learning about the different types of logos out and how a corporation can form/claim and identity through repeatedly exposing their logo to the masses.

The most interesting part of our discussion was when we had to look at some award-winning logos and figure out what was being communicated. I actually had a lot of trouble discerning what the logo communicated and learned that design decisions such as the choice of typeface, the quality of the line and other design elements did communicate a particular meaning. Also, by the end of the exercise, I found out right away that there is a lot of bad logos out there and that this is an area where I can shine.

So our next assignment is to write a creative brief and design a logo either for yourself or for an organization. We were also given the option of redesigning an existing logo but Patricia advised against that because that would be  extremely difficult to pull off since most well-known logos are already over saturated in American culture.

Anyways, here is an image of one of the logos we had to analyze. I bet we can all guess what brand the logo represents.