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You know it’s a hit when the Muppets sing everyone’s favorite song.

But here are other Muppet performances that you might have missed.


I just found a little catchy song on one of my favorite typefaces, Akzidenz Grotesk (aka the grandaddy of Helvetica).

I never heard of W & Whale until quite recently. At first I thought they were a Japanese groupĀ  but then I realized that their Japanese sounded pretty weird. Silly me, they’re Korean! Anyways, W & Whale represents an indie rock movement in Korea. Thank god, I’m getting pretty tired of all the teeny bopper pop music coming out of Korea. Though with this group, I see a strong resemblance to Daft Punk and their helmet fetishes.

I just came back from watching Where the Wild Things Are in IMAX at the Metreon. It was a pretty good film…though definitely not a kid’s film at all!

The story revolves around a kid named Max who holds a hissy fit with his mother and goes to an imaginary island where a bunch of men wearing furry suites live. Somehow he becomes their king and orders the furries to build him a fort out of twigs that strangely resembles Patrick Dougherty’s work.

The film was pretty entertaining but painful to watch because of the jilted camera angles that made me nauseous (made worse because it was in IMAX). Though I did love the soundtrack which features a re-recording of the Arcade Fire’s Wake Up.

Being a design nerd, however, the one thing I loved about the film was the typeface that they used for the closing and opening credits.The type had a child like scrawl which I felt was completely appropriate for the movie. When I have time, I’m gonna have to go ID it.

Promotional poster which shows off the typeface


where the wild things are typeface

The trailer for the film