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You know it’s a hit when the Muppets sing everyone’s favorite song.

But here are other Muppet performances that you might have missed.


I found this on Forbes the other day. I’m gonna have to add this to my list of places to go once I have a design job. Below are pictures from the article that I found particularly captivating.


Kingdom of Bhutan


Dragon Trees of Socotra


Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump


Salt Plains Salta Argentina

I found a hilarious website on things that Christians like.  One of them is the Papyrus typeface. According to the blogger of the site: “Papyrus runs rampant amongst church websites, bulletin handouts, and most particularly with women’s ministries. Papyrus font is to women’s ministries what grunge fonts are to youth ministries.”

Updated: I found another hilarious site on how U.S. Churches have adopted this hideous typeface.